Thirty MORE People You Meet on the Waxing Table

Last summer I wrote a blog post about thirty of the crazy people and issues that my co-workers and I deal with on a daily basis while working as Estheticians.

You can read that, here.

Oh, but my darlings.

The party doesn’t stop at thirty.

With sunny weather approaching, everyone is crawling out of hibernation and into the spa for um… “spring cleaning,” let’s call it. Busy season has officially begun, and with it, a vast array of new stories to tell.

Like I did in my other post, I have to preface by saying that this is not at all intended to be an insult to my clients as a whole. I get to see and talk to (and rip hair out of) tons of really cool people. So many of them whom I’ve been seeing for almost two years now, and would totally consider to be a friend.

Let me also reiterate that I am literally the biggest pansy in the world when it comes to getting a brazilian and my friends will tell you that when they’ve tried to wax or sugar me, it’s a fucking ZOO. Straight-jacket required.

…which is why I decided to go the more permanent route and just get that shit lasered, which has been a circus in it’s own right and you can read about that little adventure here, if you like.

All that being said, when you perform around twenty brazilian waxes a day, you’re bound to run into a nightmare at some point.

Or thirty.

So with the help of a couple of my (saintly) co-workers, I’ve compiled another list of experiences/people/issues, of which I’m not quite sure are more horrifying, hilarious, or just plain disturbing.

You be the judge.

Thirty MORE People You Meet on the Waxing Table

The Over-Apologizer “I’m sooo so sorry, omg I’m sorry I’m such a baby I just can’t even handle this, I don’t know what’s wrong with me. OMG my feet probably smell too!!! Ugh, I should’ve left my socks on! How embarrassing! Omg I’m sweating so bad I’m so sorry!!! HAHAHA I can’t stop twitching omg so sorry about all of this. I can’t believe you do this all day! You really do this all day? I’m SO sorry you have to look at vaginas all day. Omg it’s over? Already? I’m so sorry I just completely freaked out for nothing.”

No worries, sweets, but if you’re really that sorry, you should just slip me an extra twenty because nothing says I’m sorry quite like money.

The Nail Salon Horror Story – These girls come in out of desperation, after nearly having their vagina’s torn to pieces from someone who most likely doesn’t even have a license to DO brazilians.

“Well, I mean, I went to this place by the university because all the sorority girls go there and it’s super cheap, like 20 bucks, you know? And so anyways I get there and the lady doesn’t speak any English so I don’t really know what’s going on and then she starts cutting wax strips from the sheet I’m laying on!! And there’s dried up wax like ALL over the wax pot and everything looks dirty and then she’s just like, POURING wax on me and it’s so hot I swear she burned my cooch, and she was like, double dipping the wax stick, which is super unsanitary, right?? Anyway it was like literally the most painful thing I’ve ever experienced. I. Wanted. To. Die. 

Let this poor girl be a lesson for all you cheapskates out there. The vagina is not an area of your body to be frugal with.

Unless coochie diseases are something you’re into.

The Porn Voice – The noises you are making when I rip your hair out are very reminiscent of naughty movies. Not that I have ever seen said movies but I have definitely read Fifty Shades of Grey cover to cover (don’t judge me, what else am I supposed to do on a solo trip to Mexico??), and I’m pretty fucking certain that you were liking this way too much.

The Texter– I really couldn’t care less if someone is on there phone. Sometimes it’s nice not feeling pressured to make small talk about Bruce Jenner’s sex change, but I can’t help feeling like she may actually be Snapchatting my hands in her lady garden to all of her friends (and hackers), which is not quite how I imagined myself getting famous.

The Pre-Colonoscopy – I really wish this didn’t have to be a Public Service Announcement, but Dear. God. If you are going in for a colonoscopy right after your brazilian, which means you are actively having to consume gallons of liquid that, you know…empties you out…well.

Don’t come in for a Brazilian.

Let me repeat myself. A waxing table does not double as a toilet.

Wrong channel, my dear. This is not Dirty Jobs.

Geez. LUH-weez.

The Astrologer – “I should probably apologize in advance for being so tensed up and cranky today. Mercury is in retrograde and it’s realllly affecting me.”

Oh, okay well I don’t really care if Mercury is in your refrigerator.

You need to stop it.

The Eyebrow Wax – “Um, so I should probably tell you that I’m suuuuuper picky about my eyebrows haha but like, really. I’ve tried several places and everyone seems to just fuck them up I don’t know why it’s so hard to just do them how I want. Oh, if you reach into my purse there I have a picture of (insert any botoxed-as-fuck celebrity name), whose eyebrows are EXACTLY how I want them so if you could just do them like that, that’d be great. But please don’t fuck them up.”

There is literally nothing scarier than a high maintenance, condescending biatch who wants an eyebrow wax.

YOU, my darling, are bona fide crazy.


The Over-Estimator – “Fuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuck OHMYGOD wait don’t do it! Okay okay do it. Wait no I can’t I can’t I LITERALLY can’t…okay fuuuuuck just do it already!!! No WAI— Oh, that’s it? You pulled it already? Oh. Heh. Yea. It’s not that bad.” 

The Under-Estimator – “Hi, I’m a badass and I’m going to act like one and also I wore these really tight workout clothes so that you can see all my muscles and know that I lift SOOooo many weights all day erryday baby. No amount of pain can get to me.”


The Lost in Translation – This client speaks no English and I essentially have to play charades in order to ask if she wants to leave a triangle, landing strip, leave it bare, etc….waving, pointing, and making shapes at my own vagina.

Literally miming.

The Entightled One – (Esthetician was out sick)

“God, can’t she just come in for thirty minutes and wax me and then leave????”

You know what? That’s a super great idea, actually. How did we not think of that? Let me just call her for you right now, I’m sure she’d love to drag her puking self off the bathroom floor so that you don’t have to see someone else today who is also perfectly qualified to remove your vagina hair.

Rapunzel – I have too many other things going on to give a shit about what the situation is inside of your pants, but every once in awhile I am just at a loss for words for how amazingly long people can grow their hair-down-there. I have literally seen masses of silky, golden locks.

LOCKS! Of hair!


Hair that looks more healthy and styled than what’s on my HEAD.


Dear. God.

The Leg Sugar – Not every hair-removal process involves the nether-regions, and I think most estheticians would agree that having to sugar someone’s legs is one of the most tedious and exhausting things we have to do. Whenever there’s a full leg sugar on the books, it’s a collective “Awww fuck,” directed at whichever poor girl at the spa has to perform it. If you don’t know what sugaring is, it’s an alternative to waxing (and I highly prefer it, so you should try it if you haven’t already, and then never wax again because it’s fucking amazing).

Sugaring requires a lot more physical effort on your esthetician, though, so doing your entire legs is basically like lifting weights for an hour straight. Not to say that we’re ungrateful for our new arm muscles, but sweating profusely for an hour at a job you’re supposed to look super put-together at is not that cute and you should at least consider bringing your Esthetician a cookie/latte/big mac/new car/mortgage payment…

You know.

Whatever works for you.

The Sorority Girl – Have you tried the new spray tan place? It’s amAAAAAze-ballssss. Omg I’m TOTES going to Vegas in three days. It’s gonna be hella tight haha my parents think I’m going to visit my girlfriend in Denver but fuck that!! VEGASSSS BABYYYY. I think DJ McDouche is spinning that night ugh I’m probably gonna black out hahaha OH WELL!

Like, OMG, though.

So. Tan.


The Last Appointment of the Day – If you happen to be your Esthetician’s last appointment of the day, you will literally never experience getting a faster brazilian in your entire life. I have done (high-quality) brazilians in four minutes flat. Do not even try to interrupt my flow.

The LATE Last Appointment of the Day – If you are the last appointment and are also LATE, you may as well turn your little tush around and run away as fast as you can because now you are fucking with our precious commute time, the dinner we’ve been dreaming about since 3pm, not to mention the fact that you probably didn’t even apologize for being late.

We actually want to hurt you at this point.

Sorry in advance.

The Post-Workout Sweat Machine – Riddle me this. Would you do hot yoga for and hour and then bang your sweetie-pie right after sweating profusely out of every pore on your body?

Probably not.

Because it’s gross.

So do us all a favor and don’t come get a brazilian right after that, either.

Because it’s gross.

The Gay Back Waxer Bitch, I get these all the time. NOT phased.

The Straight Back Waxer – I’ve never been waxed and my girlfriend is forcing me to do this but I’m sure it’s no big deal I mean DUDE, I’M A GUY, right? HOLY SHIT this hurts like a motherfuckerrrrr but I REFUSE to show it so instead I will bury my face into the pillow and white-knuckle the sides of the table while incomprehensibly responding to questions between gritted teeth.

The Exaggerator– “You’re killing me. KILL-ING. ME. Your literally killing me right now. I’m going to die. You’re so damn nice, but you’re like…like…an executioner of PAIN. I literally want to cut you right now. Haha omg just kidding…BUT SERIOUSLY.”

The Stay At Home Mom – This saint of a woman is so happy to have a break from the five (lovely) little monsters causing one catastrophe after another that she really doesn’t care WHAT you’re doing to her. You could rip her coochie right open and she’d probably still fall asleep on your table.

The Submissive – “My boyfriend’s making me get waxed. Haha cute, right? I’m terrified, but I just want to make him happy.”

You listen here little lady. Tell that jerkwad of yours that he should just be happy to be down there at all.

You make HIM come in here and get waxed so that you’re not flossing your teeth with his pubes every time you want a new handbag.

The Pre-Competition Body Builder – Okay, now this poor thing needs more than I or anyone could ever give her during a thirty minute appointment. She is dehydrated as hell right before a competition, making her skin shrivel up and tighten around the hair follicles, thus making them super painful and nearly IMPOSSIBLE to get out.

Not to mention she is so HANGRY from not eating real food for three weeks that she’s eyeing the ball of pube-filled sugar like it’s candy.

Watch out for these ones. They’re feral.

The Post-“Whoopie” Waxer – You think we can’t tell that you just had sex.

Believe me.


The One Who Wears TOM’s – Okay. We all know by now that TOM’s shoes have this magical way of giving your feet an odor so offensive that skunks would be jealous.

I KNOW you know.

This is not a new discovery.


Don’t wear TOM’s all day and then take them off in my tiny little Cracker Jack box of a room.


The “Couple’s” Wax – Some girls get really confused with life and think that they can bring their man into the room with them so that he can watch me be all up in her downstairs.

You’ve got to be kidding me.

All I can say is that I’m not paid nearly enough to be treated like a porn star.

Not even a porn star, though. It’s more like being an actress in an amateur porn with really awful lighting.

But that’s beside the point.

Either way, NO.


Sally No Shame – This girl thinks that because you wax her vajajay, you must also know everything else there is to know about vagina’s and bums and weird growths and spots, etc.

We’re not doctors.

We’re not allowed to diagnose you.

And no, I don’t know if “those things” are hemorrhoids. I’m just trying to stay away from them.

The Nudist – This lady seems to think that you need to remove every single piece of clothing on your body in order to get only about 1/20th of it waxed.

Really special.

Thank you for the anatomy lesson that I didn’t need.

The Pregnant Lady – A lot of women assume that you can’t get brazilians while pregnant.


You can totally get brazilians while you’re pregnant.

My only concern is when you decide to come in on or after your due date because I’m spending the whole time praying that I don’t send you into labor while YOU spend the whole time praying that I send you into labor.

The Flatulator – Yes. That’s a word now.

I needn’t explain this.

And yes. I’m sorry for me, too.

And if that isn’t enough to satisfy your masochistic needs, I’ll just leave you with this gem:

You’re gonna wax my ass, right? My boyfriend has been making fun of me because his cum keeps getting stuck in my butt hair.”



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